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Safety Relief
Safety Relief Valves

Sensus Metering Systems safety relief valves offer an economical installation for large large relieving capacity applications such as gas distribution systems, metering sets, and industrial applications. The Model 250-S and 250-DW are angled body safety relief valve with a large exit area for a high flow rate. They incorporate a deep molded diaphragm that provides maximum lift while not affecting initial relief.

The Model 257-S features the same "roll-out" diaphragm principle with a double ported single valve that has achieved such remarkable success in the widely used 441-57S and 461-57S regulators. The roll-out diaphragm is a combination of strength and flexibility in which diaphragm action is constantly matched with spring action. This design offers large capacity, tight seat and reseat, sturdy construction, no adjustments, and easy servicing

Data Sheets
(R-1450) Models 257-S, 250-S, 250-DW
Technical Papers
(RDS-1452) Relief Valve Sizing Instructions
Installation Recommendations
(RM-1450A) 257-S Installation and Maintenance Instructions
(RM-1450B) 250-S / 250-DW Installation and Maintenance
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