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2" Self-Operated Intermediate Capacity Regulator

Lower Pressure
The Model 461-S and Model 441-S family of regulators are balanced valve, spring type regulators designed for distribution and industrial applications. They are extremely dependable with simple design, sturdy construction, and fast response. Service and adjustment are easy and overall operation is stable and sensitive.

The 461-S, 461-8S, and 461-12S models are ideal for distribution and industrial applications where a single seat regulator is too small and the usual 2" balanced valve regulators are too large. Their large exit areas give them a broad capacity, making them applicable to a wide variety of load handling requirements.

But, when large loads are the requirement, the model 441-S regulators have the larger bodies and valves to deliver the gas. Large, flexible diaphragms combined with accurately calibrated springs enable these large capacity regulators to produce precise pressure control while maintaining a high level of sensitivity and stability. The combination of their fast response, dependability, and accuracy make the 441-S models ideal for monitoring, as well as other applications where speed and accuracy are significant.

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