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Self Operated Regulators

Lower Pressure

The Model 461-X57 and Model 441-X57 are unique high pressure, large capacity spring operated regulators that incorporate the same "roll-out" diaphragm principal that achieved such success in the widely used 461-57S and 441-57S regulators. Both regulators offer pilot type performance with spring-operated regulator simplicity. The roll-out diaphragm makes this exceptional performance possible because its action reduces "droop" to a minimum. Offering fast response and ease of installation, adjustment, and servicing, the 461-X57 and 441-X57 models are perfect for most high pressure, large capacity applications including high pressure regulator sets, gas distribution systems, town border stations, transmission systems, monitoring, and most high pressure large capacity industrial applications

Data Sheets
Model 441-X57 Regulator Bulletin
Model 461-X57 Regulator Bulletin
Parts Lists
Model 461-X57 Parts List
  Installation Recommendations
Model 441-X57 Installation & Maintenance
Model 461-X57 Installation & Maintenance
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