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Industrial Combustion Regulator

Combustion (Boiler) Regulators
Sensus Metering Systems' industrial combustion regulators combine new technology with modern design to provide greater capacity, higher inlet pressure, more accurate performance, and faster speed of response. In most cases, this will allow the use of a smaller regulator. Both the Model 121 and Model 122 regulators have high strength, corrosion resistant, die-cast diaphragm cases and cast iron bodies, assuring a highly functional regulator at a better price. Both models incorporate soft seat valve material plus a precision machined "knife edge" orifice to provide a positive, tight shutoff. Sensus Metering Systems' industrial combustion regulators can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications including: burners, boilers, furnaces, air heaters, kilns, or gas engines where fast response will improve performance.
Data Sheets
Model 121 Regulator Bulletin
Model 122 Regulator Bulletin
Technical Papers
Model 121 Pilot Operated - Pressure Loaded and V-Port Valve
Installation Recommendations
Model 121 Installation & Maintenance
Model 122 Installation & Maintenance
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