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Field & High Pressure Regulator

High Pressure 046
Sensus Metering Systems field and high pressure service regulators combine simplicity of design with rugged construction, exceptional performance, and operational safety to provide dependable, flexible, and economical answers for pounds-to-pounds pressure regulation applications.

The Model 046 family of high pressure regulators is easy to install, adjust, inspect, and service in all piping arrangements. Typical applications include farm taps, field regulator applications, and high pressure industrial air or gases.

The 2" Model 141-A regulator is designed for high pressure applications such as intermediate and small volume loads on gas transmission lines. It is excellent for single and double stage reduction ahead of the service regulator. The 141-A can be used on pipeline taps serving remote farm, domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. It can also be used on other kinds of high pressure loads including producer field work, high pressure burners and compressed air systems.

Data Sheets
Model 046 Field Regulator Bulleting
Model 141-A Field Regulator Bulletin
Technical Papers
046 Orifice Change Procedure
  Installation Recommendations
Model 046 Installation & Maintenance
Model 141-A Installation & Maintenance
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