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Protection & Safety
Protection & Safety

DP - IR, Detecto Pak - Infrared
The DP-IR is the latest of a new generation of leak survey instruments from Heath that will greatly improve the productivity and safety of a walking/mobile survey. The Detecto Pak-Infrared (DP-IR™) is a highly advanced technology capable of detecting methane without false alarming on other gases.

The DP-IR functions by using an infrared optical gas detection system. This instrument is intended to replace the current surveying equipment using the traditional Flame Ionization with next generation technology utilizing a simple light beam, eliminating the need for expensive gas cylinders and refill systems. It is designed to be selective to detecting methane only, and will not false alarm on other hydrocarbon gases.

The DP-IR operates under a variety of environmental conditions including cold or hot weather. Its rugged design will stand up to normal field use and operating conditions.

The DP-IR has built-in Self-test and Zero functions that will assure that the instrument is operating properly. Using the internal calibration cell, the operator can perform the self-test as part of a daily start up routine. While in operation, the DP-IR continuously monitors several parameters to ensure that the instrument is functioning properly. Should any of these parameters go outside of the operational limits, an audible alarm will sound and a Fault/Warning error message will be displayed.
DP-IR Brochure
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