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Flow Computers
XA Series

The XA Series™ Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is an intelligent, compact, rugged, and reliable industrial computer design for real time remote data acquisition and control applications. It can execute multiple processes, including tasks such as complex math functions, control algorithms, etc., without hot intervention.
Additional Product Information
  • XARTU/5 & XARTU/10 - Remote Terminal Unit
  • XARTU/1 MVT - Orifice Flow Computer
  • XARTU Expansion Capability
  • XARTU/1 MVTCR Orifice Chart Replacement
  • XARTU - PAT1- LDVI Pulse Accumulator
  • RtPM - Real Time Pressure Monitor
  • XARTU/1 Panel Mounted
  • XARTU/1 Volume Corrector- LDVI
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