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Flow Computers

In addition to our main line of products, Eagle offers a diverse line of secondary and peripheral items to enhance your applications. These products may be used in conjunction with the main line of RTU’s and other custom control products we offer, or may be applied to your own system for expansion, protection, or secondary monitoring and control applications.
Additional Product Information
  • Analog Control Interface
  • Controline - SCI
  • EBM 800/ SSRC 8
  • Intinsic Safety Barrier SPM
  • RS 232 Serial/Ethernet Conversion
  • wireless communication
  • Wireless Remote Reading
  • System Protection Module
  • XA Series UPS Control Board
  • XA Series - SPS Control Board
  • XARTU - CPM - Cathodic Protection Monitoring - Interrupter
  • XA-MultiDrop4
  • XA-AO Dual Channel Analog Out Module
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